We are looking to buy properties in Hueytown!

We are looking to buy properties in Hueytown!

We are looking for houses to buy in Hueytown and Pleasant Grove. If you or someone you know has to sell a house, call us today. We also pay referral fees if you find a house for us. If you notice that a house is vacant or someone is moving just send us the address and we’ll take it from there. (Please don’t send us houses with a Realtor’s sign in the yard, as we already know about these. However, if there is a “For Sale by Owner sign, you can send it to us). 

How do you know if a house is vacant?

Signs of a Vacant House

2015-03-16 11.06.241) Tall, overgrown grass/shrubs.

2) Lots of newspapers in the driveway or yard.

3) Rotten Wood on the exterior of the house.

4) No blinds or curtains in the house. You can see through the window (from the street) if there is any furniture in the house. We do not recommend that you walk up to the house.

5) Lock box on the door.

6) Any signs that the house has been neglected.



If we buy a house that you send us, we will pay you a referral fee! Call us today at (205)260-7007.

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